Travertine Tops on Burnt Teak Tables by Domicile & Co

Close up view of two burn teak tables with travertine tops

Domicile & Co have showcased the beautify of travertine by placing them on burnt teak coffee tables. The travertine is filled and polished. Travertine naturally has holes in it and for some applications, this is a really nice effect. But Domicile & Co wanted this table to be super functional so filling the travertine was definitely the right move. If there's ever a spill, gosh forbid, it'll at least be a simple clean up.

The material also has such range. Look at the photo below, when lit by the evening sun and some interior high hats the tables have a warm feel.

Burn Teak Coffee Tables with Travertine Tops Living Room

But if you're able to let even more of the suns light in, the blue tones are picked up and it's really just stunning.

Naturally lit living room with sofa and burn teak coffee table with travertine top

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