Custom Flooring on a Budget

Starting from the ground up is a solid strategy in interior design planning. See our previous post with Simone Matthews where she talks about how she approaches each project for her company, SOUL Home. We think the results of her projects speak for themselves.

Flooring is usually the last thing any homeowner thinks about (next to lighting that is) and when they do it’s about finding the lowest square foot material available. A tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautifully designed home, it just means you might need to be a bit more creative.

One creative way to get the most for your money is to use remnant material. Remnants are slab material left over from a project. Usually it’s when less than half a full slab of material is remaining after a job but sometimes it can be more. Using remnants is a savvy way to get quality and expensive material at great discounted prices. We recommend using if you are interested in seeing remnant material local to you.

We made a social media post about Kelly Wearstler recently. She’s an amazing source for custom flooring inspiration and interior design in general, check out some examples for yourself here. Her aesthetic is a more is more approach. If you like it, we think you can recreate some of her dazzling designer looks with 2-3 well priced remnants.

from remnant to flooring

Take listing 9863 on StoneTrash, Cambria Black. Normally a full sized 2cm slab from Cambria with this look would cost between $1,800 to $2,000 but because this is a remnant StoneTrash has it listed for just $382.28. Which is still a great deal for the amount of material left. Remnants can be a challenge to use for kitchen countertops because you likely will need at least 1 full slab if not more to complete your project. If you are using a remnant slab for a smaller project like a vanity top or as tile you will be getting a steal for the price!