Title: Diplomat Apartment
Designer: 02A @02astudio
Photos: Serena Eller @serenaeller
Material: Namib Green GraniteIt's not easy to see in the photo but if you look closely you'll discover the granite backsplash is carved with what looks like an ancient phrase. Although it looks like it could be a restored relic it was actually chiseled recently in Esperanto, a universal language invented in the late 19th century, and reads: "he who is firm in his ideas is noble, but he who is able to change them is even nobler." Or in other words, something to make you feel less guilty when you change your mind about the omelet you just made and decide to grab a pop-tart instead. Designers have been combining modern and historic styles for a long time but we haven't seen that eclectic style brought into the kitchen too much. 02A has done a fantastic job even the flooring has a nod to inlaid roman tile.