Title: Fairview Home
Designer: Martha O'Hara Interiors @ohara_interiors
Photos by: Jason Jones Photography @jjonesphoto
Material: Kitchen- Arabescato Venato Marble Bathroom- Emperador Black SoapstoneIt takes a lot to pull focus from the grand imposing structure that is that fireplace but the Arabescato Venato Marble backsplash peaking around the side seems to do it. It draws you in past the great room to the kitchen with its playful smoky lines. This is such a great design choice because it doesn't scream out for attention but garners it by evoking a feeling and tempting you to look away from the central fireplace. There is great stone selection throughout this project another use we wanted to highlight is the soapstone in the bathroom. Soapstone is non-porous and a great hygienic option for the bathroom plus its matt honed finished just brings a different attitude to the bathroom than the usual polished stone or tile.