Title: Rose Bay House⠀
Designer: Fiona Lynch @fionalynchoffice
Photos by: Pablo Veiga @_pabloveiga
Source: FionaLynch.com⠀Material: Marble⠀Fiona Lynch is an incredible designer based in Australia. Her company is both socially aware and tries to be as sustainable as they can be in their designs. Upon visiting her site you are greeted with a message honoring the Wurundjeri a member of Kulin Nation (an indigenous alliance in south-central Victoria) ⠀As a stone company in addition to producing amazing and natural works of art it is important to be aware of the strain this can take on the environment. A great way you can help is by shopping locally not only does this cut down on emissions but also saves your wallet. If you're in the U.S. shop StoneAwesome.com by zip code to find slabs/tile/countertops nearest you. ⠀Below is an example of Fiona Lynch's stunning work with natural stone, the mixing of materials and colors using stone is a visual masterpiece.⠀